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Eight Sights in Plum Blossom Continent
Eight Sights, by Yao Hongmo, Ming Dynasty. Yao Hongmo, is a scholar in the 32nd year of Emperor Jia Jing's reign of Ming Dynasty (1553), who had been promoted to first assistant minister of Ministry of Personnel. Invited by Yuanfang, the monk of Rock Buddha Temple, Yao visited Rock Buddha Temple in the 44th year of Emperor Jia Jing's reign of Ming Dynasty (1565), and wrote the Inscription for the Rebuilding of Rock Buddha Temple. In this inscription, Yao described the Eight Sights in Plum Blossom Continent. This is the first literature which describes the Eight Sights in Plum Blossom Continent.
In the south of the Temple, near the gate, there is an ironwood inside the gate, whose Leafy branches cover the sky.
Bodhi Tree
Crossing the heavenly kings Hall, there are eight trees standing at the sides of the road, whose dark green branches tower to the sky.
Yijian Spring
To the left of the Heavenly Kings Hall, there is a garden covering more than 660 square meters. In the middle, surrounded by bamboos, there is a large well decorated by the delicate rafters and exquisite stones, which uses its tackles to draw water.
Four Buddha Stone
Visiting the Mahavira Hall, you will see brilliant golden image of Buddha, with dignity, solemnity and all expressions, where was called Stone Buddha Seat in old times.

Plum Blossom Continent
When you standing high and viewing the terrain, you will see that all the regions are alternately erected and the rivers wound their ways through the fields, just like a plum blossom.
Fragrant Flower Bridge
The bridge connects the pool where visitors enjoy the lotuses.

Heliotrope Pool
The lotuses, floats and caltrops are intermingling with each other in this pool.

Mount White Cloud
It is a law that when the monks pass away, their body returned to dust and ash. There is a pedestal locating in the south west, covering about 6000 square meters, which is called the cloud for the monk pasting away to the other side.