Xianghua Bridge
There is another ancient bridge standing near the Stone Buddha Temple called Fragrant Flower Bridge. Fragrant Flower Bridge lies over the Changsheng River in south of Stone Buddha Temple. It is a single arch stone bridge which is north-south trending, with descriptions of "Fragrant Flower Bridge" on both ends of it. There are five stone steps in the north side, and three stone steps in the south side. The guardrails of the bridge are newly built. There is a couplet on the columns in the east of the bridge: "thousands of rivers make these grand waves; Stone Buddha Temple propagates traditional culture" The Stone Buddha Temple was renovated during the period of Emperor Zhengtong's reign of Ming Dynasty. It had eight sights including Fragrant Flower Bridge.

Now the Fragrant Flower Bridge has two stones standing parallel in the north of the west side of the bridge. The left stone inscription writes in cursive handwriting:" Zhang Guanghan, the assistant magistrate candidate, independently built this Fragrant Flower Bridge, in the 37th Year of Emperor Qianlong's Reign." The right stone inscription writes in printed handwriting: "the bridge, was independently removated by the official, Zhang Guanghan in the 37th Year of Emperor Qianlong's Reign, and was renovated in the 20th Year of Emperor Guangxu's Reign by the fund support from Zhu Cai, the officer and the timber support from Wang Zhenyuan as well as the fund support from locals called Feng Xuegu, Lu Ruisheng and Feng Xueyitong. We can see that the bridge was renovated in the 37th year of Emperor Qianlong's Reign of Qing Dynasty (1772. A.D.) and renovated again in the 20th year of Emperor Guangxu Reign of Qing Dynasty (1894. A.D.) .

The landscape of Fragrant Flower Bridge is beautiful. There is a pool underneath the bridge with lotuses flowering in the summer, spreading elegant fragrance. The green trees and fresh flowers are prosperous all around the year with birds twittering. It recalls the wonderful scenery described in poem of Pan Hongmo, the famous poet in Fengqiao Region.