Timeline of Rock Buddha Temple history
Rock Buddha Temples was established at the Southern Dynasties. Contemporary temple includes the Xingshan Temple nearby. 'New Records of Jiaxing' says it is built in the Southern Dynasties, having a history of 1500 years.

the 2nd year of Emperor Zhide's Reign in Tang Dynasty (A.D 757): placed four Rock Buddha at Temple foundations.

the 1st year of Emperor Tiansheng's Reign in Song Dynasty (A.D 1023): Rock Buddha Courtyard was renamed as Baosheng Courtyard.

the 15th year of Emperor Hongwu's Reign in Ming Dynasty (A.D 1382): renamed as Rock Buddha Temple.

During Emperor Zhengtong's Reign Ming Dynasty (A.D 1436- A.D 1449): Monk, Zijing rebuilt Rock Buddha Temple.

the 42nd year of Emperor Jiajing's Reign in Ming Dynasty (A.D 1563): Monks, Yuanfang and so on rebuilt the Rock Buddha Temple.

the 50th year of Emperor Kangxi's Reign in Qing Dynasty (A.D 1711): Monk, Yiban rebuilt the Great Warrior Hall.

During Emperor Qianlong's Reign in Qing Dynasty (A.D 1736-1795): rebuilt the main hall.

the 13th year of Emperor Jiaqing's Reign in Qing Dynasty (A.D 1808): rebuilt the gate to a monastery.

During Emperor Daoguang's Reign in Qing Dynasty (A.D 1821-1850): rebuilt the Hall of Heavenly Kings.

the 9th year of Emperor Xianfeng's Reign in Qing Dynasty (A.D 1859): Monk, Xitang rebuilt the scripture stored room.

the 10th year of Emperor Xianfeng's Reign in Qing Dynasty (A.D 1860): the main hall was damaged.

the 8th year of Emperor Tongzhi's Reign in Qing Dynasty (A.D 1869): townsmen raised funds to repair Xiaoshan Gate, Xiancan Temple and abstinence hall.

the 13rd year of Emperor Tongzhi's Reign in Qing Dynasty (A.D 1874): repaired the Great Warrior Hall.

Rock Buddha Temple already had great influence when it was Song Dynasty. The Emperor Tiansheng of Song entitled it Baosheng Countyard in 1023 when was the first year of his reign. This new name contained the meaning of protecting Holy Spirit thus Rock Buddha Temple carried blessing of emperor. After that, Rock Buddha Temple was enshrined in a book of Jiang Zhiqi, who was a famous state minister, by himself. From then on, Rock Buddha Temple began its destiny with emperors and loyalty. Due to history, Jiang Zhiqi has never come to Jiaxing. The reason why he can record Rock Buddha Temple must have connection with the entitlement of Emperor Tiansheng. The earliest poem describing Rock Buddha Temple, named 'Baosheng Countyard', is written by the contemporary poetry called Chen Shunyu after his visit. .By comparison, other temples in Jiaxing, for example, Jingyan Temple and Lengyan Temple, were represented in poems later.

In Yuan Dynasty, 'Recording of Jiaxing until Yuan Dynasty' written by Xu Shuo included the description of Rock Buddha Temple. It said, the Baosheng Countyard is 13.5 kilometers away from the county. Xu Shuo verified that at the 2nd year of Emperor Zhide's Reign in Tang Dynasty, temple's foundation was completed and Rock Buddha Courtyard was built since there are four Rock Buddha placed. He also said that in the may of the 1st year of Emperor Tiansheng's Reign in Song Dynasty, the temple was awarded current name. This shows the name of 'Baosheng Courtyard' was still in use in Yuan Dynasty. In the late Yuan Dynasty, battles frequently happened in Jiaxing region. Rock Buddha Temple was severely damaged.

In the 15th year of Emperor Hongwu's Reign in Ming Dynasty (A.D 1382), the temple was officially named as Rock Buddha Temple. In a consequence, its name, no matter folk or official, got formulized. During Emperor Zhengtong's Reign in Ming Dynasty (A.D 1436- A.D 1449), Monk Zijing rebuilt Rock Buddha Temple. In addition, he explored eight sights, they were Ironwood, Bodhi Tree, Jian Spring, Four Buddha Stone, Plum Blossom Continent, Heliotrope Pool, Fragrant Flower Bridge and Mount White Cloud. Since then, Rock Buddha Temple attracted numbers of visitors. Speaking of the most well-known temple in Jiaxing, people will think nowhere but Rock Buddha Temple because of its popularity and natural beauty. Throughout one hundred year after Emperor Zhengtong's Reigh in Ming Dynasty, The eight sights in Rock Buddha Temple got obsolescent. In the 42nd year of Emperor Jiajing's Reign in Ming Dynasty (A.D 1563), Monk Yuanfang and so on redecorated the Rock Buddha Temple. The renewed eight sights were popular with tourists again. During late Ming Dynasty, Monk Yunchong built meditation room and repaired main hall, Langfang Great Mercy Hall, Jialan Hall. As the first person realizing the importance of 'Jiaxing Sutra' and store it after Master Zibo in Jiaxing's Buddhistm, he rebuilt the scripture stored room in order to store 'Jiaxing Sutra'. Consequently, in late Ming Dynasty, Rock Buddha Temple won great reputation as Emei and Putuo.

In late Ming and early Qing, Rock Buddha Temple encountered damaged again. After several repair and rebuild, Rock Buddha Temple stayed nearly the same scale. During the Taiping rebellion led by Hong and Yang, the main hall was destroyed. But fortunately, in line with history, rest of the construction didn't suffer apparent damage. During the Emperor Qianlong's reign in Qing Dynasty, Rock Buddha Temple was ranked as top 10 temples in Jiaxing according to 'General Recording of Zhejiang'.